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Roles & Function of MTM

Functions and Role of MTM

The Supreme Council of Students comprises selected line of students based on the guidelines outlined and serves as an facilitator and is an organized and scheduled activity planner and implementer (Activity Calendar) at each admission session. Their duration of appointment is 1 year and according to the course of study. The Supreme Council of Students is run by the President and assisted by the Deputy President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman of the Block and Exco-Exco.  


The selection of MTM is based on the following guidelines:

1) Candidates must have at least one session of study.

2) Candidates have participated in any courses / activities organized by the management of the college or university.

3) Candidates have at least CGPAS 2.75 and above except for medical students and certain cases of CGPA 2.5 and are also subject to the discretion of the principal.

4) Candidates have never been subjected to disciplinary action.

5) Candidates are not bound to industrial training except Medical Students.

6) Elections and approvals are made by College controversies.

7) The selection criteria of each post in MTM will be determined based on the assessments made by the fellows and the management of the college.                   



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